PART I – AGRICULTURE Agriculture is, and always has been, an activity involving a clos interaction with the environment. Soil, climate, topographic, hydrologicj and biological conditions together, exert a major control upon farmin operations and...


The historical trend of a district and the natural and artificial forces shaping it could be understood in proper perspective only if we know the people living there well. The people are the human resources of the district. Their culture, religion, aptitude,...

HISTORY from the Gazetteer

The States Re-organisation on linguistic basis led to the emergence of the present Kanniyakumari district in 1956 which area was part and parcel of the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin State or to be more specific, part and parcel of the then Trivandrum district...


GENERAL Nature seems to be at its best in Kanniyakumari district. Interspersed with sea-shores, plains, hills and dales and peaks, the district is entirely free from monotony in appearance. The old Arcadian charm tenaciously lingers, despite the onslaught...

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It gives me a great pleasure to bring out this Gazetteer on Kanniyakumari district which is the ninth in the post Independence series of District Gazetteers in the State. During my tenure of office as Commissioner of Archives and Historical Research,...
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