Thiruvalluvar_Statue_at_NightIt gives me a great pleasure to bring out this Gazetteer on Kanniyakumari district which is the ninth in the post Independence series of District Gazetteers in the State. During my tenure of office as Commissioner of Archives and Historical Research, I am associated with the preparation of two District Gazetteers, viz., the present one and the other being Dharmapuri District Gazetteer.

The position of the Editor is now being occupied by a Deputy Collector and the present incumbent is Thiru M. Gopalakrishnan, Deputy Collector. When he took charge of the post of Editor- Gazetteers, the preparation of Kanniyakumari District Gazetteer had just made the beginning. With his enthusiasm, inspiration and dedicated hard work, he hastened the progress and the compilation work had been completed within 10 months. It is astonishing to see such a fast progress for which I should compliment the Editor and the team of Assistant Editors whose unstinted hard work, active co-operation, devotion to duty and perseverance paved way for this achievement.

I feel that this Gazetteer differs in several respects from those published earlier as it possesses novel features such as graphical, pictorial and diagramatic representations of facts and figures. For this, I owe my gratitude to the Director of Statistics, who readily rendered the services of his staff for the preparation of the graphs and charts. Though statistical informations have been furnished up to 1988-89, the graphical expressions could be given only up to 1984-85, 1985-86 or 1986-87 as the case may be, since we were able to collect up to date data from various Heads of Departments, in a period ranging from two to three months, after handing over the data to the Department of Statistics for preparing graphs, charts, etc., Much strain was taken to gather rare photographs for preservation in the gazetteer. Enough care was taken to incorporate latest materials available. One of the salient features in the communication network here is the local radio station which is basically utility service oriented and different from the regional network of Radio stations and first of its kind in the country. A few special studies conducted and the incorportation of these reports are additional features.

At every stage of the prepartion and finalisation of the Gazetteer, the Editor had consulted me and carried out my suggestions, and every chapter, on completion was approved by me.

The Kanniyakumari District Gazetteer is born out of good team work involving the Editor and his band of Assistant Editors. I am elated to know that the Editor has adhered to the tight time schedule and the fastest completion of this work inspires us to complete the rest of the unfinished gazetteers for other districts within a very short span. Albeit difficulties that are bound to arise in course of such a research work, I hope that the other districts will have their gazetteers very soon. I assure that speed will be the prime objective, without sacrificing the quality.


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